Making Photos Unbearably Perfect.

Denoise, Upscale, Rotate, and Color Correct with AI.

Let our panda-powered technology breathe new life to old, blurry, or jumbled photos. It's simple and free.

Core Features

Face Enhancement

Sharper, clearer features, and natural skin texture in a single step.

Auto Rotation

Orient a photo with AI by rotating 90, 180, or 270 degrees.

Image Upscaling

Transform images to high resolution while preserving quality and detail.

Noise Reduction

Remove grain and artifacts, ensuring crisp, clean images.


Enhance image clarity and definition, filling in those fine details.

Color Correction

Adjustments to tones and lighting for authentic, balanced colors.

API Sign Up

PandaEnhance will be available as a paid API (via RapidAPI or Paddle) in Q4 2024. Image processing will cost $0.009 and take roughly 10 seconds each.

API Features

  • Bucket batching
  • Customizable enhancement options (upscale, denoise, sharpen, etc)
  • Customizable output format (JPEG, PNG, WEBP, AVIF)
  • Webhook notifications

Pricing Comparison

AI Enhancement Price Comparison
PandaEnhance$0.009 / image(no minimums)
VanceAI$0.018 / image($18 Tier)
Remini$0.10 / image($3000 Tier)
Cloudinary$0.18 / image(Advanced Tier)

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